Ghosts Of The Titanic!

This book is every bit as haunting as the cover implies.

This well written book tells the stories of 2 people: Angus Seaton a 17 year old seaman who was a crew member on the cable ship Mackay-Bennett, the first ship sent to collect bodies from the sinking of the Titanic, and Kevin Messenger a 12 year old boy living in Victoria, B.C.

When Kevin’s father gets news that he inherited a house in Nova Scotia a couple hours out of Halifax Canada, Kevin is unsure about going, until he finds out that the house is on the seashore with its own beach! This for him means swimming everyday & Kevin loves swimming. Especially with his best friend Zack. The first visit his family takes they use the first few days to clean & fix up a few things. When Kevin’s family leaves him cleaning to go into town, Kevin finds a hole in the basement floor boarded up in an unusual way. He starts prying of the boards & eventually discovers a box. That night Kevin is haunted by a ghost who died on the Titanic. She comes to him every night after that. Will he be able to stop her before she drives him crazy, or will he end up drowning like Angus Seaton the first to be haunted by the ghost?

“Bodies bodies everywhere… Bodies rolling on the blue-black sea, face up in the drift ice, nudging and bobbing against the wreckage, against the cutters of the men sent out to recover them… Bodies in the hundreds. Bodies bodies everywhere.”

This really is a great book and even though I just read it I want to read it again. For age probably 6th grade and up because it’s pretty long with small text, and it can be kind of eerie at some parts. I am giving this one 5/5πŸ˜„

I hope you guys have a great day & happy reading!

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