Big Water

In the year 1882, in the city Parkdale lives a seventeen-year-old girl named Christina. When Christina’s twin brother dies of consumption she decides to run away. In Owen Sound she boards the steamship, Asia. She plans to travel to The Soo to find work away from home. But when a violent storm hits, and the passengers and crew begin to panic Christina realizes that this trip is not what she was expecting, at all. Suddenly the boat begins sinking, fast. The crew franticly tries to get everyone into the lifeboats. Not everyone makes it, in fact even in the lifeboats people are still dying. With lifeboats constantly flipping over and people with cuts who bleed to death, Christina realizes that she could be next, so when her boat flips over she fights as hard as she can to get back on. Eventually everyone on Christina’s lifeboat dies except her and a boy named Daniel. Even though they know nothing about each other they have to work together to survive, until they are rescued.

This book is based on the true story of the wreck of the steamship Asia, but it is fiction.

I think that age 12 and up and I’m giving it 5/5πŸ˜„.

Hope you have a great day and happy holidays!

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