The Snow Dragon


It was snowing hard when I went to sleep. The next morning, I woke up and looked out my window. 

There was so much snow! I scarfed down breakfast, threw on my snow gear and went outside.  

When I got outside, I saw some coyote prints and followed them into the woods. As I was walking, I looked around, everything looked so beautiful covered in snow! Then I tripped on something hidden under the snow. As I stood up, I felt the thing move! I jumped back. Just as the thing started to rise.  

It was a dragon! Its scales were the most beautiful white almost the color of the snow but brighter, it had snowflake patterns on its tail & teal eyes. Its wings were sparkling like a thousand crystals and when it smiled at me, I instantly felt happy and not afraid. 

Just then I thought I heard someone say hello. I looked up at the dragon and asked “Did you just say hello?” “Yes” the dragon replied. “I am the winter dragon, for thousands of years I have watched over children playing in the snow and brought the snow itself. And I am sorry to say that I fell asleep when I was supposed to be watching you.” the dragon said. “Thats ok” I said. We looked at each other for a moment before the dragon said “Well, I must leave, you were never really supposed to see me and there are many more children who need me.” The dragon stood, lifted her wings and flew away but as she was flying, I heard her say “Have fun! And if you need me just call!” “Thank you!” I yelled. Then I ran inside to tell my family what I had seen. I will never forget the day I met a dragon. 

Lilia C. 2022

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