Graphic Novel Sundays!

Twins by Johnson and Wright

This cute book tells the story of Francine/Fran and her twin sister Maureen Carter as they fight make up and then fight again. Follow them through their school lives while they run against each other for school president, confess true feelings to each other and learn that they need each other more than they know. I think for age 10 and up and I’m giving it 4/5😄.

Stepping Stones by Lucy Knisley

This book is about a girl named Jen who moved from the city to a farm in the country with her mom. Jen does not like the farm and does not like her mom’s new best friend. When her mom tells Jen that she bought chicks Jen immediately gets put in charge of all the care and cleaning that come with the chicks. One day Jen’s mom’s boyfriend Walter brings his kids to the farm. At first, they do not get along but eventually they become good friends. In the start of this book Jen is an angry girl who wants nothing more than to move back to the city but in the end, Jen is a girl who loves the country, the farm and her family. Age 10 and up and I’m giving it 4/5😄.

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