Graphic Novel Sundays!

Allergic by Lloyd & Nutter

This sad/cute story is about a girl named Maggie who wants a pet more than anything. On her birthday her parents decide to take her to the pet store to get a dog. But when Maggie is holding the dog, she starts swelling up. Her parents rush her to the doctor, and they run some tests. Then comes the sad news that Maggie is allergic to anything with fur or feathers! She is devastated. When she gets home, she meets the neighbor girl, and eventually they become friends, but then the neighbor girl gets a dog! Even after Maggie tells her that she’s allergic! Will she be able to continue being friends with the girl? Will she find a way to outsmart her allergies and get the perfect pet? This book is pretty good I would say any age for this one and I’m giving it 4/5😄.

Kyles little sister by BonHyung Jeong

“Having a good-looking, friendly, outgoing older brother sucks—especially when you’re the total opposite, someone who likes staying home and playing video games. Your parents like him better (even if they deny it!), and everyone calls you “Kyle’s little sister” while looking disappointed that you’re not more like him. I was really hoping I’d get to go to a different middle school, but no such luck. At least I have my friends…until he finds a way to ruin that, too…! Argh! What do I have to do to get out of his shadow?!” This book is also good and probably any age. I’m giving it 4/5😄.

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