The Girl Who Disappeared

Chapter 5

“Not again” I thought. I started to freak out, it was getting hard to breathe. Just then I heard a twig snap behind me. I turned and saw the thing running through the forest again. “Oh no” I thought “What if whatever is out there got Susie?!”. I tried to convince myself that the thing I saw was just an animal, but it wasn’t working. Just then I heard a voice behind me. I held my breath and slowly turned around…

And there was Susie. She had managed to scare me two times in the span of a week. I had to stop freaking out so much. I glared at her and started walking back to the house. “Wait up!” Susie said. I hadn’t realized that I was practically running.

I slowed down. I didn’t want to talk to her, but I guess I had to. “What do you want, Susie?” I asked. “Why are you running from me?” she asked. “Because you keep scaring me and I’m really mad at you right now.” Susie sighed. I turned and walked back towards the house. The sun was setting, and I was pretty hungry. I decided that the next time I didn’t see Susie, I wouldn’t worry. She’s been playing this game for too long and well, why should I believe she’s really gone?  

We went inside to eat dinner. Our parents had gotten pizza, my favorite. I asked them what the occasion was. We rarely had pizza, and when we did, it was usually for a special occasion. “Well.” Mom said, “Your dad got a new job!”. I looked at Dad “What kind of job? I asked. “Well,” Dad said. “I will now be working in a warehouse.” “What’s the warehouse for?” Susie asked “It’s a fish warehouse. As you know with the ocean being as close to us as it is, the towns surrounding us are pretty popular fishing towns. So, they built a warehouse here and needed people to work in it. So, it’s my job. Nothing too exciting, but it pays well.” I nodded. Everyone was in a good mood. I forgot that I was angry with Susie, and we all talked and laughed while we ate. It was a really nice evening. 

I had forgotten about the ocean. And as I walked to my room, I wondered why we had never visited any of our neighboring towns. I told myself that the next morning I would ask my mom. As I brushed my teeth and climbed into bed, I imagined what the beaches were like. And what the other towns surrounding us looked like. That night I dreamed about a day at the beach and visiting the little port towns. It was a really fun day, full of adventure.

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