Breathe by Me!

“Breathe”. I hear a woman say. Her voice sounds familiar yet distant, almost like in a dream. “You’re ok” she says. “Just breathe”. Then nothing.

I wake up in a strange room. The walls are white and I’m laying in a bed with blue sheets. There are two chairs in the corner that look oddly familiar. And there is one window looking out over a vast expanse of forest. The sun is high in the sky and I guess it must be noon. I look around again, but I can’t seem to figure out where I am. A woman comes into the room. She startles me and I jump slightly. “Oh” she says “You’re awake”. She comes over to my bed and starts typing things onto a screen. I study her as she works. She is a short plump woman dressed in white with a stethoscope hanging around her neck. Then it hits me. I’m in a hospital!

My heart beats fast and my breathing quickens. Why am I here? I shouldn’t be here! Just then a machine near my head starts making a high pitched beeping noise. The beeping gets faster the more I panic. “Breathe” the nurse says as she pats my arm “Breathe”. Easy for you too say! I think. You’re not the one who woke up in a hospital! “Why am I here?” I manage to say though my voice is rough and it sounds more like a croak than any sound a human should make.

The nurse sighed. “Well” she says “The thing is… you…” another sigh. I could tell she didn’t want to tell me. “You fell” she said. And suddenly images start rushing into my brain.

My friends.
My parents warning.
A rooftop.
Falling down. Down. Down. And then, nothing.

The nurse must see the horrified look on my face so she decides to add “But you’re going to be ok”. A lot of good that does me. The nurse tells me she is going to get the doctor and after she leaves I feel myself start to panic again.

I remember the nurses calm voice “Breathe” and i do. Then I realize I am fine. I survived. Why worry about something in the past? I took another breath, and smiled.

This is just a little something I put together! Hope you enjoyed! 💛

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