The Voice by Me!

All day I hear the voice, calling to me from the back of my mind. I cannot hear clear words just the rhythmic melody calling out to me. “What do you want?” I ask it, but I get no response. It is silent. So I start walking back to my class. But just when I am about to open my classroom door, I hear it again. Louder this time, and I can almost make out the words. “What are you? What do you want?” I ask again. And again it is silent. I start to open the door but again it gets louder. But this time it makes a horrible screeching sound and I hear it say “Don’t go” “Don’t go where I ask?” Trying to get the ringing in my ears to stop. ” Don’t go” it says again. The voice is now so loud it hurts and I have to sit down. I start crying. “Don’t go!” It screams, just as my classmate opens the door and sees me. The voice dissapears and again it is silent. “Are you OK?” The boy who opened the door asks. I realize I must look like a mess and when I look up at his concerned face I say “Yeah I’m fine. Thanks”. “OK well you’re late for class so…” he says. He then helps me get up and I wipe my face before stepping into the classroom. It suddenly gets cold. And even though it is only 12:00pm it is dark outside. Just then I notice someone standing at the blackboard. They don’t look like the usual teacher. In fact they don’t look like any teacher I’ve seen before. I tentatively sit at my desk. Just then I hear the slam of the door closing and the click of the lock. The teacher turns around. I see the sharp fangs in their mouth. I hear screaming and everything goes black.

Hope you enjoyed! 💛

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