The Earrings by Me!

“So what are we looking for exactly?” My best friend Mike asked. “I don’t know, a box” I answered. “OK but like, how big?” Mike asked. I thought about it for a minute. “Well my mom said that the boxes had old textbooks so book size boxes I guess.” I replied. “Oh ok”. We looked in some more boxes. As I started looking in the back corner I found a old wooden chest. “Mike! Come here!”. Mike came walking over “What is it Leah?”. “Check out this chest I found” “That’s cool”. “Yeah” I said “let’s open it!”. I slowly opened the chest and inside lay a pair of beautiful golden earrings with emeralds decorating the edges. “Wow” We said at the same time. “I kinda want to put them on” I said “should I?” “Yeah, I think you should” answered Mike. So I put them on. I suddenly felt different. “Uh, Leah” I heard Mike say “you’re glowing!”. I looked down at my hands and sure enough I was glowing a green the same shade as the emeralds on the earrings. “Wow” I said “It must be the earrings!”. Just then we heard my mom yell up the ladder “have you two found those books yet? You’ve been up there for an awful long time.” “Not yet” I tried to say but nothing came out so Mike said it for me. “Ok” mom called up and I heard her walk back to the living room. Mike turned to me and asked “Are you ok?”. He had seen me try to answer my mom. I tried to tell him I was fine but the words wouldn’t come out. So I mouthed “I can’t talk!”. “It must be the earrings!” he siad. Then he said something else but I couldn’t hear him. I looked at him with a look of concern on my face. “What’s wrong?” Asked Mike. What’s wrong? I thought What’s wrong is I can’t hear or talk. I needed to take of the earrings! But how I couldn’t move! I mouthed that to Mike but he didn’t understand. So I looked into his eyes. Surprisingly he understood what I was asking. He took out the earrings and my hearing returned! “Thank you!” I said. “Of course” Mike said “what did you think I was going to do? Let my best friend not be able to talk or hear for the rest of her life? No way!” We hugged. And then I saw the books. “Finally!” I said. I grabbed the books turned to Mike and said “Let’s get out of here” “Yeah, let’s” he responded and we climbed down the ladder leaving the earrings laying on the floor.

Hope you enjoyed! 💛

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