I See You by @simplyycaroline

So before I start, I just wanted to explain what this is. So on my pinterest I did a story comp and this is the winners story! Hope you enjoy!

“The girl woke up. She had gotten a full 8 hours of sleep that night, a new record. Maybe not being on her phone until 11 at night did help. She picked out her outfit for the day. Something a little different, a little special, since she had a concert that night.

The girl spun around and admired her outfit. She looked so pretty, like always. “COME DOWNSTAIRS!” Her mom yelled. “COMING!” The girl shouted back.

She smiled and headed downstairs, ignoring the strange shadow in the window. It had been coming and going for three years, it was there when she went to sleep, it was there when she woke up. One time she saw very clearly who exactly was at the window. And it was a familiar face. It was…

“Grandpa? What are you doing here?”

“I decided to pay a visit to my favorite granddaughter! I couldn’t miss your concert tonight!”

“Isn’t that nice, I mean, your grandpa doesn’t see you every day!” Said the mom with a smile.

“Yeah… It’s great.”

The girl headed off to school, shuddering at the fact that neither she nor her mother had told him that she had a concert that night.”

I hope you enjoyed! Go follow her!


Have a great day! Happy reading!

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