Victor and Nora by Lauren Myracle

I don’t usually write reviews for graphic novels, but this one was so good I just had too. From the minute you open this book you can feel the sorrow and longing in the characters hearts. This book follows two teenagers Victor and Nora.

Nora is sick and will be dying soon, she has just moved to a the town her family lived in before her mother died. That is where she met Victor. Victor lost his brother to a fire when he was young and every since has been coming to his brothers grave to visit. One day he is visiting the cemetery when Nora comes up to him and they start talking. The two then fall in love as you may have guessed. But as Nora is dying thinks start to break apart. Victor thinks he has a cure for Nora, but will she agree or will he have to let her die in his arms?

There is definetly a lot in this small book.

I am giving it 4/5 πŸ˜„. And ages 14+ because there is some sex.

Here are a couple places you can find it;

Goodreads Amazon ThriftBooks Barnes & Noble Half Price Books

Have a great day and happy reading!

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