Christmas Books Pt. 2

Hey guys welcome to part 2! Ok so here is the first book;

The Yule Tomte And The Little Rabbits By Ulf Stark And Eva Eriksson

” Grump, the Yule Tomte, lives all alone, which is exactly how he likes it! He’s waiting for Christmas to arrive when all of a sudden, a gust of wind steals his mittens from the washing line and his hat from his head. That’s the last straw, he won’t be the Yule Tomte anymore!” It is designed for you to read a chapter a day in December so that is what we do with my mom. The age for this one is probably any, & I give this one 5/5πŸ˜„.

The Dog Who Saved Christmas By Allan Zullo

This book tells the amazing stories of dogs, cats and even a reindeer! I really like this book because all the animal stories in it, are based on things that happened in real life. This book would make the perfect present for animal lovers, (as long as they like to read). I would say age 11 and up and I’m giving it 4/5πŸ˜„.

I hope you guys have a great day and happy holidays!

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