Murder Of Crows by K. Ancrum

“Hollow Falls’s history is even darker than it seems…

When Tig Torres first moved back to her hometown of Hollow Falls, she solved the infamous Lit Killer case, and cleared her late Aunt Beth’s name in the process.

Tig’s work on the case brought her to the attention of Hollow Falls’s local armchair detective group, the Murder of Crows. The eccentric group is obsessed with their town’s dark past, but their interests extend far beyond the Lit Killer.

Members of the group are fixated on a decades-long search for the missing body of Hollow Falls’s founder. There are rumors about what’s buried with the body that could be life changing for whoever finds it. With a mission like that underway, it’s not long before a member of the Murder of Crows ends up dead.

Soon, Tig and her friends Max and Wyn are tangled up in the search too. But the stakes are getting higher and the hunt more dangerous. Someone’s willing to kill to keep the town’s secrets buried, and if Tig’s not careful, she’ll be the next victim.”

A murder mystery, detective thriller with Nancy Drew vibes? Yes please! I have to say I’m impressed with this book. When I picked it up at the library I wasn’t expecting much, but this book did not disappoint. It was a fast read, I finished in about one day. It was fast paced, intriguing and exiting. The events in this book were pretty well described and I liked that there were a couple good plot twists.

Overall, I think Max was my favorite character. He was funny, sarcastic and deeply cared about his friends. Tig’s character was definitely giving me Nancy Drew vibes. A brave, curious teen investigating the mysteries of her town? Yeah. I liked Wyn’s character as well, she was witty, brave and friendly and I can see why Tig liked her.

I’m giving this book 4/5πŸ˜„ and for age 13+ because there is some gore.

You can find it here:

Amazon Half Price Books Goodreads

Have a great day and happy reading!

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