My favorite book heroines!

Hey guys! Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

This weeks topic is Top Ten book heroines, but I decided to do 12, because it’s so hard to only pick 10!

  1. Katniss Everdeen <The Hunger Games> Katniss is smart, strong, brave and has a big heart. We are actually pretty similar in some ways, and very different in others. I feel like she would make an amazing friend, and would help you a lot, especially if you are scared.
  2. Alina Starkov <Shadow and Bone> Alina is strong, brave, stubborn and very resilient. She seems like she would be the type of person to never give up when things are hard and help to encourage others as well.
  3. Naari Arell <The Prison Healer> Naari is strong, brave, smart, kind and very practical. Narri would be a great sister, she would protect you all at costs and give great advice.
  4. Kiva Meridan <The Prison Healer> Kiva is very clever, creative and very caring. She would make an amazing sister of friend. She seems like she would be the type of person who you could always go to with problems, secrets or when you just need advice.
  5. Inej Ghafa <Six of Crows> Inej has been through so much… and probably needs therapy… But that dosent mean she isn’t a amazing character. Inej is trustworthy, strong, brave, kind, and once you have her on you side, it would take a lot to loose her.
  6. Pip Fitz-Amobi <A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder> Pip is a really fun character. Like everyone else on this list, she stands up for what she believes in and is very smart. But pip is also really good at solving mysteries. I feel like if you were friends with her you’d never be bored, as she’d always have something fun for you to do.
  7. Lei <Girls Of Paper And Fire> Lei is very strong, and brave. Standing up to the king who had wronged her and others in so many ways was something no one had really done before. This shows that she would be a very protective and strong ally, and a very good friend.
  8. Taja Brown <Calling My Name> Taja and I aren’t very similar. But that’s exactly why I think we’d get along. Taja is outgoing, and funny. She’s also really chill, and isn’t overly dramatic. She seems like she’d be a really nice person, and a great friend.
  9. Hazel Grace Lancaster <The Fault In Our Stars> Hazel is so strong. Though she is battling cancer, she stays strong. She continues to do the things she enjoys, and meet new people. She keeps her sense of humor, and is very curious. She would be a great friend.
  10. Samantha Mather <How to Hang a Witch> Sam is witty, brave and a witch. Do I have to say more? Sam would be a great friend and super fun to be around. She is pretty sarcastic, and has a bit of a temper, but she’s also really nice.
  11. Winnie Friedman <Crying Laughing> Winnie is sarcastic, and has a great sense of humor. Though she is going through some tough family problems she stays strong. She would be a great friend if you ever need a laugh.
  12. Jo March <Little Women> I relate to Jo a lot. I write stories, and love reading, me and my siblings act out some of my stories. We would get along really well, and we would definitely have a lot of fun.

These are in no specific order. Can you see the theme? I feel like I would get along really well with all of these characters, whether they were a sister, friend, etc.

What are your top ten?

3 responses to “My favorite book heroines!”

  1. Katniss made my list! She’s one of my all-time-favorite characters.

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  2. Katniss and Jo (and yes, Hazel too) would have made my list for sure. Jo appears on so many lists on my blog 🙂
    As for the others, I haven’t read those books..
    Here is my TTT

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