Spring cleaning book tag!

Ok, so I just found out about this a few days ago, but basically you just respond to a couple spring cleaning related prompts with books. If that makes sense. I found this idea from kristin kraves books, but it was originally made by Page to Page

Alright let’s go.

It’s time to make your bed, but you’re going to have some friends over later and want to pick the perfect book to place on your nightstand for them all to see that you’re “reading”. Which book do you choose?

I talk about this book so much and I literally want everyone to read it. This is definitely one of the books I’d want to display for my friends.

Oh no! The house need dusting, but you just can’t book that book you’re reading down! What book would you buy on audio just so you could continue the story while cleaning?

This book gave me all the feels and was so hard to put down. I actually listened to the audiobook of it, while I was cleaning and doing other things because I didn’t want to stop reading it!

Darn it! The ceiling is leaking! Turns out Mass-Market Paper backs are the best things to soak water up! Which popular book do you use to soak up the water?

Ok… I just have to say that this book really disappointed me. I listened to the whole thing on audiobook and considered dnf-ing it a couple times. It was one of those books that kept seeming like it was going to get better… and then not.

Bathrooms need a good scrubbing, and your 2007 Cosmos are a little outdated and need replacing. What book do you place in the bathroom for some light reading for when people need to take care of business?

This book was really easy for me to read, and it’s definitely a light read. I think this one would be perfect for this situation.

Family is coming over, but you have no idea what to make for dinner! You read somewhere that tearing up the last chapter of a book whose ending you hated and sprinkling it in a casserole dish makes for the perfect meal! Which book do you choose?

I despise this books ending. It didn’t make any sense and didn’t clear anything up, at the same time as not making it interesting enough to read the next book. I would have no problem ripping out these last chapters.

Organization is key, right? When it comes time to organize your bookshelf, you realize you have enough room (and money) to get three new books! Which books do you buy?

Unfortunately, two of these books are not actually released yet, so I’d be saving that shelf space for them. Or at least trying to.

Finally, some peace and quiet! But, before you can relax, you realize you forgot to send your aunt a thank you gift for the lovely “ADULT LIFE FOR DUMMIES” book she gave you for Christmas (maybe she’s trying to tell you something?). What book do you send to her to show her how much (this is sarcasm) you appreciate her gift? 

I don’t really know why I picked this one for this, but it seemed like a funny way to respond. I wasn’t too impressed by this book, but I do feel like it taught some good lessons.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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