This Is the Way the World Ends by Jen Wilde

Book review!

Book summary:

“As an autistic scholarship student at the prestigious Webber Academy in New York City, Waverly is used to masking to fit in—in more ways than one. While her classmates are the children of the one percent, Waverly is getting by on tutoring gigs and the generosity of the school’s charming and enigmatic dean. So when her tutoring student and resident “it girl” asks Waverly to attend the school’s annual fundraising Masquerade disguised as her, Waverly jumps at the chance—especially once she finds out that Ash, the dean’s daughter and her secret ex-girlfriend, will be there.

The Masquerade is everything Waverly dreamed of, complete with extravagant gowns, wealthy parents writing checks, and flowing champagne. Most importantly, there’s Ash. All Waverly wants to do is shed her mask and be with her, but the evening takes a sinister turn when Waverly stumbles into a secret meeting between the dean and the school’s top donors—and witnesses a brutal murder. This gala is harboring far more malevolent plots than just opening parents’ pocketbooks. Before she can escape or contact the authorities, a mysterious global blackout puts the entire party on lockdown. Waverly’s fairy tale has turned into a nightmare, and she, Ash, and her friends must navigate through a dizzying maze of freight elevators, secret passageways, and back rooms if they’re going to survive the night.

And even if they manage to escape the Masquerade, with technology wiped out all over the planet, what kind of world will they find waiting for them beyond the doors?”

Author: Jen Wilde

Genres: Young adult, Mystery, Queer, Thriller, Fiction

Age rating: 14+

Overall rating: 4/5 😄

My honest review:

This book was really entertaining. Even in the beginning before it got to the part where the title would make sense, it still caught my attention. The mystery of why Ash abandoned Waverly, and never talked to her again really interested me.

I’ve read another book by this author that I didn’t enjoy as much so I wasn’t really expecting much. But it surprised me, and I ended up really enjoying it!

From the very beginning, I was drawn into the story. The pace of the book is quick, which made it difficult to put down. The characters are well developed, and their actions and reactions to the events that unfold feel realistic and believable. Wilde did an excellent job of conveying the fear, panic, and desperation that the characters feel as they try to survive the chaos of the night.

Although the book didn’t have quite as much adventure as I was expecting from an apocalyptic thriller, it was still a great read. Wilde did an excellent job of keeping me interested throughout the book, and the ending left me pretty satisfied, at the same time as leaving me with many questions.

Overall, “This is the Way the World Ends” is a perfect book for anyone who enjoys mystery thrillers with a touch of the apocalyptic.

Goodreads: This Is The Way The World Ends – Jen Wilde

*Thank you, Goodreads, and St. Martin’s Press for sending me this ARC!!

Have a great day and happy reading!

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