Whatever Doesn’t Kill You – Elizabeth Wennick

“Does the truth always set you free? Jenna Cooper is about to find out.”

“I linger for a second longer, my gaze locking with his for a second, and a shudder runs down my spine as I get a good look at those cold, yellow-green eyes of his. Only they don’t hold that same killer stare I remember from the front page of the paper. They’re…nothing. Not evil, not soulless, just…eyes.”

When Jenna finds out the man who shot her father is out of jail and living in her town, she decides to hunt him down. She tells her friends-the only people she can tell-and they decide to go with her. But when the time comes Jenna decides this is her mission. And hers alone. Her friends think she is taking this too seriously, and the group breaks up. Jenna now feels more alone than ever. But at gym class she becomes friends with her past bully, Ashley. As she tries to figure out the whole story, she fights with her brother and sister, and loses friends. But in the end, she figures everything out.

I think ages 13-14 and up because there is a lot of rude language. And I’m giving it 5/5😄.

Have a great day and happy reading!

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