Girls Of Paper And Fire by Natasha Ngan

“Each year eight beautiful girls are chosen as paper girls to serve the king. It’s the highest honor they could hope for…and the most demeaning. This year there’s a ninth and instead of paper she’s made of fire.

Lei is of the paper caste, the lowest class in Ikhara. Even so, rumors of her golden eyes have piqued the king’s interest, and so she is ripped from her home and taken to the opulent palace, a gilded prison, her life now beholden to the demon kings every whim.

But as Lei dreams of escape, she does the unthinkable: she falls In love. Her forbidden romance, enmeshed with an explosive plot that threatens the kings very reign, will force Lei to decide just how far she’s willing to go to fight for her freedom.”

Spoiler Alert!!


I am speechless.

This book is so beautiful and literally took my breath away. This is such an intricate world filled with so much emotion, love, fury, anger, sorrow and so much more. It perfectly shows how evil and greedy men can be with the demon kings taking the paper girls every year. Any part that he was in, especially when he was alone with Lei made me cringe and want to kill the king as much as she did. While this book enraged me with the realization that there actually are men like this in our world, it also made my heart melt when Wren and Lei finally admitted their feelings for each other.

I’m giving it 5/5 πŸ˜„. There are a lot of adult themes in this book, so I would recommend 16+ at least.

Here are some places you can find it,

Goodreads Amazon HPB Barnes & Noble Thriftbooks

Have a great day and happy reading!

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